2 Core Secrets of Successful Marketing Strategy.

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Hi, today we read about Marketing Strategy. Let’s start with a question: If my customer doesn’t know what he wants, how can I?

Successful Marketing Strategy.

The answer is, You can’t. Why? Let’s Discuss

The Two pillars of Strategy are Demographics and Psychographics.

If you know who your customers are in demographics you can then determine why he buys psychographics.

Demographics is the Science of marketplace reality. It tells you who buys.

Psychographics is the science of perceived marketplace reality. It tells you why certain demographic types buy for one reason while other demographic types buy for another.

Perceptions are at the heart of your customer’s decision-making process. And if you know his demographics, you can understand those perceptions and then figure out what you must do to satisfy them and the expectations they produce.

Innovation, Quantification, and Orchestration become the driving forces behind their efforts. The fact is, any small business can do it. And every small business must!

If your customer doesn’t hear you, he’ll pass you by. No doubt you feel frustrated as you read this. You must be asking yourself: How do I do it? How do I determine my customer’s demographics, his psychographics? What colors to use? What shapes? What words?

But if you’re asking those questions, you’re well on your way!

Unless you understand what needs to be done, unless you understand the essential importance of marketing to your Prototype, unless you understand that your customer is far less rational in his convictions and expectations than you had ever imagined, unless you understand that your Prototype is your product all the “how to do it” in the world won’t make a bit of difference to you. But we’re not finished yet.

How do you find them, those people you have not yet met? You buy a list of those who fit your central Demographic Model in what you’ve now determined to be your Trading Zone!

What’s your Trading Zone? It’s the geographic perimeter within which your current customers mainly live. You take their addresses from your questionnaire, identify them on a map, draw a line around them, and that’s your first-pass Trading Zone.

For Now, that’s it. Keep Reading…

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