4 Questions to Ask Your Self to be Unstoppable!

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2 min readJun 13, 2022

Hey! Welcome again today we read about How to be Unstoppable.


What are your Strengths?

How do you find your Strengths?

What are your Weaknesses?

Identifying your Weaknesses.

Let’s Start.

What are your Strengths?

Ex. It’s not something people often do; it can be pretty tricky especially if you don’t like to sing your own praises.

How do you find your Strengths?

There are various structured ways to find your strengths and preferred way of working. Ask yourself:

The things you do easily.

The things you don’t put off.

The things you really enjoy.

The things that make you feel good.

The things that you would do even if you weren’t getting paid.

Be aware that just because you are interested in something, it may not be wise to build a business around it. Your Strengths are things that you have a natural ability in. It’s crucial to manage and delegate your weaknesses.

Keep working on your strengths to go from good to great. Regularly get input from people who can challenge me to develop my strengths further.

What are your weaknesses?

We need to identify what we are weak in the end instead of working on these weaknesses we have to find creative ways of delegating our weaknesses. We have to find someone else who loves to do what we find a real struggle.

Identifying your weaknesses

Let’s end with an example. If you love swimming but you don’t know how to swim then swimming is not your strength it is your Weakness.

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