How to Market in Market. (Part 1) Modern Currency

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1 min readOct 29, 2021


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Hey, today we’ll Discuss the Market. How to Market in Market.

There are 6 Parts. Today we will Discuss Part

Modern Currency

There are Three ways to do that:

  1. About your Inner Remarkability

Find the inner Remarkability in any Product. Or Idea by thinking about what makes that thing Stand out.

2. Return into Game

Make people feel like insiders. Uses the Contest to get people who want to do the Market themselves.

3. Make people feel like they are part of the Company.

People are used to getting what they want and if they hear “no” too much they may go elsewhere. Jim Meehan at please Don’t Tell addresses this problem explicitly by Instructing his staff that if they need to say “no” they should try to figure out a way to say “no, but Such as we don’t have brand X but we have brand Y, would you like to try it?” by managing the Disappointment, they maintain the allure while also maintaining customers Satisfaction.

Guide by Contagious

Written by Arshad. A

Think About These Three Top’s Push your Brain!!!



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