The Three Type of Web-Traffic

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The Three Type of Web-Traffic


1. Traffic you control

2.Traffic you don’t control

3. Traffic you OWN

Once you understand how each type of traffic works and how they tie together, you will have the ability to direct the right traffic to the right offers, and convert the highest number possible into buyers and repeat clients. Your one and ONLY goal is to OWN all the traffic you can. That is how you grow your list and increase your sales.


The traffic you own is the BEST kind of traffic. It’s your email list or your followers, readers, customers, etc. call this the traffic that “own” because can send out an email, post a message to your followers, or make a blog post, and will generate instant traffic. You can send out messages anytime you want, with no new marketing costs. You can sell things to there people over and over again, and all of that money comes back as pure profit.

That’s why it’s so important to convert the other two types of traffic (both traffic you control and traffic you don’t control) into subscribers and buyers (traffic that you own) as quickly as possible. The bigger your list, the more money you make.


The next type of traffic is the traffic you control. You control traffic when you have the ability to tell it where to go. For example, if I purchase an ad on Google, I don’t own that traffic (Google does), but I can control it by buying an ad and then sending those who click on that ad anywhere I want. Any kind of paid traffic is the traffic you control, including the following:

· Email ads (solo ads, banners, links, mentions)

· Pay-per-click ads (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.)

· Banner ads

· Native ads

· Affiliates and joint ventures

Now, you personally LOVE traffic that I can control, but the big problem is that every time you want more of it, have to spend more money. So, my goal is always to send any traffic that if you like to purchase over to a type of website called a ‘squeeze page’.

A squeeze page is a very simple page with ONE goal; to convert traffic that you control into traffic that you own. You can send all of my paid traffic to a squeeze page, and when the visitors get there, they only have ONE option; give me an email address or leave. Now a certain percentage of people will leave, but the cool thing Is that some of those people will give you a personal email address. After that, the traffic you control become traffic that you own, and you can start sending the new potential buyer through your Soap Opera Sequences and your daily Seinfeld emails


This last type of traffic just shows up and doesn’t have any control over where it came from or where it goes. For example, if someone mentions my book on Facebook, their followers may search my name in Google and they may land on same random page in my blog, didn’t have control over any part of that sequence of events. There are lots of types of traffic that don’t control, including:

§ Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

§ Search traffic (Search engine optimization or SEO)

§ Guest blog traffic

§ YouTube

§ Guest interviews

Now, just like traffic that controls, the ONLY goal with traffic that I don’t control is also to turn it into traffic that I own. To do this, I try to push all traffic that I don’t control back to my blog. If you visit any of my blogs, you’ll notice that the top third of my blog is nothing but a glorified squeeze page. When people go there, the only real thing they can do is give me their email address. After they do, they do that, they become traffic that you own, and you can put them into communication funnels.

Now that you understand where you can find congregations composed of dream clients and you understand that your goal is to convert those people into traffic that you own, the next question is, what to you do with the potential customers after they join your email list

The Article is taken from DOTCOM Secret

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